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Josiah Grant is the new reigning male champion for National Aerial Pole Art 2015





2010 PoleCon Bad K. Spin & Tricks "


2010 "3rd Place " American Pole Fitness Champion


2013 North American "Elite" Pole Champ


2015 National Aerial Pole Art Champion Men’s Pro Division


Sponsors: ★  Honey's Artist Pot ★  Mighty Grip ★  Wink Designs 


By the time Bad Azz was seven, the fantasy had begun. He would often sneak away from his scheduled gymnastic assignments to ...experiment with an unprecedented routine all on his own. By 16, he was hooked on the idea of becoming proficient, and he secretly purchased his own vertical, retractable pole for his bedroom. He practiced this obsession in secret, having no mentor to guide him. He knew his artist flow was taking him where no male before him had gone, and he was nonetheless undaunted. For the next three years, he studied insatiably to improve his craft. Hip hop, gymnastics, ballet, and contortion lessons filled his high school roster of events, before and after class hours.


The result of this diligence is Bad Azz, the premiere male pole dancer in the United States. He has been featured on the Dr's Show. During this notable segment, the cast of The Doctors joked about men getting involved on the pole, and Bad Azz played the role a regular audience member challenged to try a trick or two. He dazzled their broad viewing audience with a skillful performance. He has been a recurring guest on the Jerry Springer Show, again featured as a gifted anomaly to the pole dancing community. He has also appeared on ABC Family, MTV, TruTV,  and his own series of pole instructional videos, and countless brief television appearances and interviews.


To date, he has won 2015 National Aerial Pole Art Champion Men’s Pro Division, 1st Place in the Bad Kitty Spins and Tricks, 3rd as the American Male Pole Dance Champion NYC, and 2013 North American " Elite" Pole Dance Champion. He has garnered the sponsorship of top pole companies, namely Mighty Grip, Honey's Artistic Pot, and Wink Clothing Designs. To watch Bad Azz perform is to understand that the pole is his alter ego. His credo is: "One can only become an Artist after acknowledging and knowing your true self." Hence, what Bad Azz knows he is also able to effectively teach and inspire in others. Bad Azz is also a world-celebrated pole clinician, respected by his male and female peers. From Australia to Japan, from Canada to Mexico, Europe and all throughout the United States, Bad Azz is a talent without boundaries, with a performance charisma that is worthy of any onlooker's awe. Ascend, descend, spin, stretch and strengthen your belief in the vertical superiority exuded in this transcendent performer!



BadAzz Tricksters Workshop 

Intermediate – Advanced - 90 Minute Class   

Students must be able to execute Butterfly, Gemini, and Scorpio Pole tricks (Minimum of 8 students)

Learn BadAzz’s famous unique signature tricks by syncing them into your own dance routine, leaving your audience and fans in awe and amazement. In this motivational and inspirational hour and a half workshop BadAzz will be demonstrating his most popular BadAzz signature moves and combinations on static & spinning poles. Guaranteed to impress and wow everyone from beginners to professionals, this intermediate-advanced workshop will have you walking away feeling empowered, taking your pole routine skill set to the next level. This Tricksters Workshop will begin with a warm-up routine, leading into pole tricks and transitions into BadAzz Signature moves. The closing of the workshop will be putting all the moves together and dancing full out to a hot BadAzz song, followed by a cool down session. Come learn these BadAzz tricks the right way, from the original BadAzz himself!


Exotic FlowOgraphy

All Levels Beginner-Advanced - 90 Minute Class (Minimum of 8 students) 

This sexy movement class provides a tantalizing slow, rhythmic & provocative choreography that flows cohesively and melts to the melodies which allows you to exude confidence, sensuality, and master musicality. You’ll gain an arsenal of new floor and transitional moves plus fluid combos including sexy core building body movements.


Futuristic Liquid Flow & Pole Transitions Workshop

All Levels Beginner-Advanced - 90 Minute Class (Minimum of 8 students)

BadAzz ‘s Futuristic Liquid Flow and Pole Workshop will have you empowered and set for success, leaving you embracing a stronger sexy self-confident version of yourself! In this fun workshop you will learn a sexy arsenal of new floor and transitional moves on & off that pole including core building body movements that will help you release your inner diva. Not only will you work your core and muscle strength, BadAzz’s Futuristic Liquid Flow is a great way to conquer shyness moving around the pole, improve your inner sexy self-confidence, increased 

flexibility, and most importantly build your vixen alter ego. 


Head to Toe Fluid- 60 Minute Class (All Levels Welcome )

Josiah's stretching consists of a head to toe warm up that's based on fluidity and acknowledging different stretches that warm up the main areas on the body through a fluid bad azz movement. The ultimate goal of this class is learn new approaches to stretching with movement and become more addicted to the benefits of stretch and how fun it can be.


Private Lesson are also available

You can contact Josiah to book him directly on the contact page